Scrutiny Reports

You can download the latest reports from SIFT here:

  1. An investigation in to how responsive Your Homes Newcastle Enquiry Centre staff are to requests for service (PDF)
  2. An investigation in to the individual customer journey and effective management of low level neighbour nuisance (PDF)
  3. An investigation into YHN rent recovery for Universal Credit Claimants  (PDF)
  4. An investigation into the review of YHN’s Complaints Procedure (PDF)
  5. An investigation into whether YHN’s re-let standards are good enough or are they too high¬† (PDF).
  6. An investigation into if customers are happy with the responsive repairs service (PDF).
  7. An investigation into if the Tyne and Wear Homes application form is easy for most people to complete (PDF).
  8. An investigation into what role do tenants and leaseholders play in helping to keep high-rises safe from fire (PDF)
  9. An investigation into if the service charges for caretaking reflect the actual service received (PDF)
  10. An investigation into how the Council and YHN effectively engage with tenants who will be impacted by carbon neutral pilot projects for Council housing (PDF)
  11. An investigation into whether NCC and YHN are ensuring that properties meet the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018
  12. An investigation into what lessons were learnt by YHN and NCC about service delivery and engagement through the Covid 19 pandemic
  13. An investigation into how YHN and NCC attempt to overcome the stigmatisation of tenants
  14. An investigation into YHN and NCC support people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  15. An investigation into how effective NiTV is in influencing social housing policy and service delivery
  16. An investigation into if the out of hours caretaker service meets the proposed Tenant Satisfaction Measures
  17. An investigation into if the tenancy pack provides sufficient and relevant information for new tenants to sustain their tenancy effectively
  18. An investigation into how YHN and NCC prepared to comply with the requirements to meet the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM’s)?